Here is an overview of all the quickpitches from our past Sustainability Drinks.

Sustainability Panel #2


If you want to pitch your project at the next event, please email your details to

Sustainability Drinks #16


Clean Cloths Campaign get involved with the clean cloths campaign berlin. Helen

Rabenmütter share ew labels for Rabenmütter in our trend guide. Martiene

Bethak get involved with a sustainable social business. Amna

Sustainable Communication meet people and get involved. Franziska

Sustainability Drinks #14


Slow Food Youth We feed the planet Janika

Heads Up Sustainable Lifestyle Florinn & Co

Bali Star Sustainable Raw Cacao Jens

Chelsea Looking for sustainable job Chelsea

OMKEO Bio snacks for companies Mizar

Better Today Research and Innovation Philipp

Sustainability Drinks #13


Upperbike Felix Mö

Sustainability Drinks #12


Elskamor Vegan and yoga tours Maria Berdugo

pack2cook Portioned cooking ingredients with env.-friendly packaging Bojana Nikolic

kimshi App Sust. Tourism in Cambodia Alexis Lefevre

Berlin Bounce'n'Ballet
Connecting the dancing scene in Berlin Silke Blessing

Sustainability Drinks #11


Open Source Circular Economy
Participate in the OSCE community Alice

Unternehmensgrün und TTIP Julia

Work with betabook. Gabriel Shalom

Palestinian-Israeli Bags Palestinian-Israeli Bags needs a partner! Noa Provizor

Sustainability Database Help to build a database of sustainable information! Brio

Sustainability Drinks #10


die komplizen

Code for Germany and OK Lab Fiona Krakenbürger <>


Gut Gelaufen

Auf halber Treppe

The food Assembly

himmelbeet- community garden in wedding Meike Stark


Agora collective

Bürger energie Berlin


Think 2 Share

Tauschring Wedding christina



Aktas KKH e.V.

repair café Elisa Garrote Gasch

Forum Kreuzberg

Berlin Street Music 4 Refugees

[v]ostel Stefphanie Frost,

Neuköllner Talente Jörn Nickel -

Let's grow food and flowers in the heart of Berlin !
Olivier Lefebvre

Open Civic Society Tiago Pita

Sustainability Drinks #9


Refugee Support Repairing Old Computers and Linux Jared

Refash ReFash is a photocentric marketplace for vintage and secondhand fashion.

WARN !, COP 21 Help bring people together Marie

Artigraph Starting Brand
John Thelin

Consciousness Create Awareness Jazmin

Sustainable Fashion consumption Symposium of TU Berlin Samira

Research Project on change of fashion consume Online platform for swapping clothes and exchange ideas Mike

Olaf Online network for Berlin's fashion industry

Archid Network for sustainable textiles
Drohn Inka

loveco-shop Shop for organic fashion

Organic Yoga clothing Buy yoga cloths that are ethical
Bridget Bisset

Super sustainable & healthy food
Yana Plewa

Clean Cloths Campaign and Textile Design
Helen Gimber

Sustainability Drinks #8


Kevin Kuhn

VDay Berlin, 14th of February Leah

Murks? Nein Danke!

Accustic Improv Collin

Einhorn Condoms Sustainable Condoms

Aramen Seaweed-based Drinks.

Sustainability Drinks #6


Reporting 3.0 The future of sustainability reporting.
Alistair Langer

Civocracy Collaborative social & political discussion engagement.
sign up and share:

Eine grüne Welt ist tanzbar.

Konstanze Meyery

Wegreen A marketplace for sustainable products.
Looking for partners.

Christian Boettcher

Addison's Tales Jerome Goerke

Jigsaw Translation Professional German-English translations in the fields of sustainability, green technology and renewables.

Jen Metcalf

Sustainability Education Find individuals interested in learning together.

Sustainability Drinks #5


Sustainability Education Find individuals interested in learning together.

Cleanweb Berlin & Hack4Good Looking for members for the next hackaton to hack climate change. Chris Adams

Permaculture Quests Join and have fun!
Richard Schut

von Pappe Cardboard Furniture and an auction for baumhaus / emergent berlin!

OLUVA Startup Cafe Meet for a Saturday brunch and learn 101 ways to use permaculture in your apartment, exchange your junk
and learn how to self-fund a great lifestyle.
Paul Rishworth

Sustainability Drinks #4


Baumhaus and Emergent Berlin Emergent Berlin - Answer the call for Participation!
Scottie B

WeGreen A marketplace for sustainable products.
Christian Boettcher

Plastic Free July The challenge is quite simple...attempt to refuse single-use plastic during July.

Sustainability Drinks #3


Earthship Protective Germany Sustainable Housing: Come to the event (at May 24th)
Valentin Abe

The Wikirate project Corporate Transparency Come to our product launch!
Vishal Kapadia

Art Cycle Upcycling - Reach out to us!
Lara Obst

Art / Design Get in touch! M. Crojmans

Camp Hire Refugee Education
Irina Dettman

LiQWheat Weizengrassaft Events
Janine Brilleut

Baumhaus and Emergent Berlin Emergent Berlin - Answer the call for Participation!
Scottie B

Eco Brotbox Healthy and Waste Free - Share with your network

LakunaBi/Loesie Coworking space "I need help with installing my library on Sustainability.
There is a Ouishare summit in Berlin on 3rd-8th June.

Carla Schulte-Fischedick

Food Assembly Regional food made easy
Yatan Blumenthal