Please find all information about current and past Sustainability Drinks Berlin on the following pages.


We have an overview of the quickpitches.

Upcoming Events

Sustainability Panel #2

Our second Sustainability Panel will focus on a the Energy Transition in Germany. Involved are discussions on the Paris Climate Conference, effective measures for energy transition and opportunities for start-ups. Additionally, we will point out how individuals can contribute to making it happen. Before and after the panel, there will be an idea fair of start-ups active in the energy market.

Past Events

Sustainability Drinks #16

Fast Fashion: How can sustainable fashion keep up with trends. At this event (our second on Fashion) we reflected on Fast Fashion: We buy in a rush and discard very quickly. Our speakers shared insights on how we can be conscious dressers and yet still be fashionable. Right in time for the Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week!

Sustainable Christmas Market

The final event in 2015 was again our christmas market with hand picked merchants and exciting workshops, which we organized jointly with betahaus.

Sustainability Drinks #15

CSR - Next Generation Business. From Shareholder to Stakeholder.
At this event (our second on CSR), we will share insights on how the next generation business can make their operation more sustainable - ecologically, socially and economically - and why a stakeholder approach rather than a shareholder approach is key.

Sustainability Drinks #14

Fair Chocolate & Coffee – Good for your soul and the world.
This event dealt with the challenges and opportunities related to production, sourcing and processing of these precious goods. The 130 participants found out about farmers fates and initiatives for improvement across the value chain. SPECIAL: Chocolate and strong coffee tastings were offered during the event.

Sustainability Drinks #13

Plastic Free Living.
Just in time for Plastic Free July and Plastiktütenfreier Tag Berlin, Sustainability Drinks was presenting another fantastic event all around plastic waste reduction. Again about 70 people joined us for this topic.

Sustainability Drinks #12

Sustainable Travel: Pack for low impact.
At this event you got new insights on how to reduce your carbon footprint and what options you have to engage sustainably during your travels. About 70 people joined us and learned more about this topic.

Sustainability Drinks #11

For our event about "Sustainability Badges: Green Washing or Trustworthy?" we welcomed Silke Peters from GIZ, working on "Sustainability Standards Comparison Tool(SSCT)" and Frederik Betz from Bonsum. The summer party from FoodAssembly was co-located outside in the yard and we counted about 80 participants.

Sustainability Drinks #10 / Sustainability Panel #1

For our event about Social Sustainability in Berlin: reconnect with your neighbourhood we partnered with and put together an exciting panel of experts on the topic. At the accomplishing Action Fair and invited quickpitches over 35 Berlin based organizations presented sustainability projects and invited everybody to join.
We counted over 240 participants interested in the topic and activities.

Sustainability Drinks #09

For our sustainable fashion event, we were happy to receive an overwhelming 200 guests. We had two great speakers from the fashion industry, a fashion show with clothes from People Tree and DearGoods as well as over 20 quickpitches. This way our participants had the opportunity to learn about the industry (one of the biggest polluters in the world), the fabrics and of course about where you can actually buy “green clothes”.

Sustainability Drinks #8

Our first event in 2015 was all about hygiene and sanitation as well as the challenges which sustainable products face. Participants learned about unconventional sustainable concepts – fun, games and multi-sector platforms – forms of education to tackle the toilet, sanitation and hygiene crisis in developing countries.

Sustainable Christmas Market

The final event in 2014 was a christmas market with hand picked merchants and exciting workshops, which we organized jointly with betahaus.

Sustainability Drinks
Music Special

Our first Sustainability Drinks special was all about music and musical performances, giving this event a very special twist.

Sustainability Drinks #7

We had Coca Cola and the Wikirate projects as guests, speaking about corporate sustainability and consumer interaction.

Sustainability Drinks #6

This event was all around connecting people, networking and spreading the word.

Sustainability Drinks #5

This event was setup around architecture and interior design. We were happy to have Baumhaus Berlin with its ambitious project to build an open and inclusive event space as host for our over 80 guests. Paola and Reinhard were two inspiring and interesting speakers, which sparked lots of questions and discussion. Five Quickpitches completed our program.

Sustainability Drinks #4

Sustainability Drinks #4 again brought over 80 participants together for networking and presentations around urban living and permaculture from Dr. Michael LaFond, id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability on "Cultures of Sustainable Urban Development: From Urban Pioneers and CoHousing Cultures to Selfmade City and Make_Shift City" and Lilly Zeitler, PermaPai and Leiden University College, The Hague on "Permaculture Principles - Design Science for Sustainable Systems". Again we collected interesting quickpitches on top of the presentations.

Sustainability Drinks #3

Our third event brought together over 100 participants interested in food and sustainable food shopping. We where happy to host two exciting speakers: Milena Glimbovski, Original Unverpackt: "Unpackaged Shopping" and Uwe Lübbermann, Premium Cola: "Hacking Business" and had 10 very interesting quickpitches on top of the presentations.

Sustainability Drinks #2

Sustainability Drinks #2 gathered over 60 participants in a cozy atmosphere and featured Peter Eckert from Quartiermeister with "Beer and how consume can be correct and sustainable" and Alistair Langer from Humancredit with "Humancredit - Your Data as Social Currency. Your Online Activity as Donation. Turning Ad-Millions for the Good(s).".

Sustainability Drinks #1

For our first event, we joined the World’s Biggest Green Drinks – Global Campaign and gathered over 120 interested participants!
Our guests were Jonathan Niessen, boost: "Online entrepreneurship and climate protection?" and Scott Bolden, Baumhaus Berlin: "Broad Spectrum Sustainability".